Are Same-Day Dentures as Good as Traditional Dentures?

When you have one or more missing teeth, your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, may suggest a denture. It’s important to have something in place when you lose teeth to prevent bone degradation, alignment problems, and issues with bites. Dentures are an effective solution for many patients. When it comes to dentures, you have some options, including same-day dentures and traditional dentures. There are some differences between them that you should be aware of.

Immediate Placement

As the name suggests, same-day dentures can be fitted immediately after tooth extraction or on the same day as your appointment to address your missing teeth needs. There is a huge benefit to walking out of the dentist’s office with a complete set of teeth. The patient’s self-esteem is intact, as is the appearance of their smile and the function of their teeth.

Temporary Solution

Of course, same-day dentures are considered a temporary solution. They aren’t as good as the permanent, traditional dentures will be. This is because the fit won’t be as comfortable and because the area where they are fitted may not have fully healed from the tooth extraction. If you have same-day dentures, you can expect to be able to wear them for between six months and a year. After that, or maybe even sooner, you’ll need to switch to traditional dentures or another treatment option.

Preventative Function

Same-day dentures serve a preventive function by protecting the extraction sites and underlying tissues during the initial healing phase. By covering the surgical sites, they help minimize bleeding, swelling, and discomfort, promoting optimal healing and reducing the risk of complications.

Think of same-day dentures in Indianapolis, IN, and traditional dentures as two separate things. One is a temporary solution serving multiple purposes, and the other is a long-lasting solution lasting for decades. Contact us to learn more!

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