The Facts About Same-Day Crowns

Have you been considering same-day crowns in Indianapolis, IN? If so, you likely have some questions about the process, but it is also important not to let the falsehoods get in the way. Take a look at a few important facts about same-day crowns to help guide your decision.

Fact: Same-day crowns are just as durable as other crowns.

Contrary to the popular myth, there is no difference in durability whether you choose a same-day crown or a traditional crown. The crowns are created from the same materials in the office. Therefore, patients still get the same level of life span from these crowns as those that they would normally wait to receive.

Fact: Same-day crowns do not require temporary crown placement.

Typically, patients are given a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the dental lab completes the final model. When you have an appointment for a same-day crown, you will leave the appointment with the permanent crown already in place. You will not be required to come to a second appointment to have a temporary crown removed and the permanent crown installed.

Fact: Same-day crowns look just as natural as other crowns.

When you are being fitted for a same-day crown, all necessary steps are taken to ensure the final crown looks just as natural as any other crown. The dentist will perform scans of your tooth, take impressions of your mouth, and select a shade that properly matches your smile.

Discuss Same-Day Crowns with a Qualified Dentist in Indianapolis

Same-day crowns offer a much more desirable path to tooth restoration. Therefore, the best Indianapolis dentists offer these crown options to patients, including Indiana Emergency Dental. If you would like to schedule an appointment for same-day crowns, reach out to schedule a consultation.

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