3 Things to Know About IV Sedation for Your Dental Treatment

Sedation dentistry is an important service that allows patients to undergo more complex dental procedures or see the dentist even if they have dental anxiety. IV sedation is one option that dentists have when practicing sedation dentistry.

As your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, we’re here to answer your questions about IV sedation and how it can be used in your upcoming dental treatment. Here’s what you need to know.

1. What is IV sedation dental treatment?

IV sedation dentistry is dental care that occurs while the patient is under IV sedation. IV stands for intravenous, which means your healthcare provider delivers the sedative directly to your bloodstream through an IV line. This type of sedative is the strongest form of sedation dentistry.

2. Who needs IV sedation dental treatment?

You may need IV sedation dentistry if you have an extreme fear of visiting the dentist or if you’re about to undergo a lengthy dental procedure. Your dentist will let you know if this type of dental sedation is right for you.

3. What is IV sedation dental treatment like?

During this type of sedation dentistry, your dentist will monitor your vitals and adjust your dosage throughout the procedure. You will probably fall asleep while under sedation, and when you wake up, you will likely have no memory of the dental procedure at all.

Think You Need Sedation Dentistry? Call Today

Not everyone needs IV sedation during dental treatments, and there are many other types of dental sedation available. If you think that you need sedation dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, your dentist at Indiana Emergency Dental can help you determine which type is right for you.

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