3 Things to Know About Tooth Extractions

Extractions are one of the more common procedures in the dental profession, even if it may feel like you’re the only one. Despite this, having a tooth pulled can be unsettling for even the most prepared of people. If you want to go in with a little less fear and a lot more resolve, we’ll look at a few basic facts so that you can get it over with.

There Are Different Types of Extractions

This procedure isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you have an impacted tooth that has failed to erupt from the gumline, you’ll need a surgical extraction. Most other types of tooth will be a simple extraction, meaning you’ll only need local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.

You Should Be Honest with Your Dentist

While this is a relatively simple procedure, you’ll still want to be upfront with your dentist in Indianapolis, IN. If you have any type of health history, such as cancer or diabetes, it’s important to answer questions as thoroughly as possible. Even taking certain supplements or over-the-counter medications may result in adverse reactions.

Tooth Extractions in Indianapolis Are Safe

In general, tooth extractions in Indianapolis, IN, are fast, simple, and effective. Once the anesthesia starts to wear off, you can usually manage the pain with ice and Tylenol. The exception would be surgical impactions, typically for wisdom teeth. You may need a few extra days of downtime if you have a surgical extraction. The best thing you can do is monitor your own progress. If the pain worsens or you start running a fever, you may have an infection.

If you’re looking for a team to help you with an extraction, contact Indiana Emergency Dental for fast appointments and quality services.

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