3 Reasons to Consider Implants to Replace a Lost Permanent Tooth

A missing tooth can leave a big gap that can impact your day-to-day life. While there are many things that you can do to fill that hole, one of the best options is to install a dental implant. At Indiana Emergency Dental, we install dental implants to help patients regain their smile and feel better about their personal appearance.

As yourdentist in Indianapolis, IN, we offer streamlined, effective implant installation procedures to help make your smile whole again. Below are three reasons to consider implants to replace your missing tooth.

1. Implants act just like real teeth and are maintained like real teeth, too.

Implants are drilled into the jaw and inserted into the bone. This mimics the way real teeth have roots that sit inside the jaw to hold the tooth in place. Because implants function like real teeth, this means they’re maintained just like your real teeth.

To take care of your implant, you’ll brush it twice daily, use dental tools to remove food bits from the corners around the tooth, and you’ll see the dentist twice per year to get your implant (and the rest of your teeth) examined and cleaned.

2. Implants look just like real teeth.

No one will know you have an implant once it’s installed. Your implant will look just like your real teeth. It will be shaped like other teeth, and it will even be the color of your other teeth, so it will fit right in.

3. Implants restore your smile. 

A gap can leave you feeling self-conscious about the way you look. When you install an implant, you can restore your smile and feel good about the way your smile looks.

Have questions aboutimplants in Indianapolis, IN? Think you’re ready for implant installation? Talk to the dental professionals at Indiana Emergency Dental.

How Dental Implants Make for a Healthier Smile

Often, when people think of dental implants, they consider their aesthetic value. However, implants serve a much bigger purpose. Aside from restoring your smile, they also restore lost or compromised function. Additionally, they prevent the onset of dental bone loss, which can cause many problems. If there are places in your smile where teeth are missing or too damaged to be repaired, your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, may recommend dental implants.

Dental Implants Keep Your Jawbone Strong

The main purpose of teeth is to enable you to bite, chew, and grind your favorite foods. But they serve another purpose, too. The pressure they place on your jawbone as you perform these functions keeps the bone strong and healthy. When a tooth goes missing, there’s no longer pressure to stimulate the bone, and the body reabsorbs it over time. This can cause the jawbone to weaken or fracture, making costly and extensive dental procedures a necessity.

Dental Implants Prevent Surrounding Teeth From Shifting

Our teeth are placed in such a way that they help keep one another anchored into place. When you lose a tooth and put nothing in its place, it creates a void. Surrounding teeth, over time, may spread apart, shift, or even twist in place, compromising the appearance of your smile. In this situation, dental implants act as placeholders to keep natural teeth aligned. They prevent gaps from forming between teeth and may negate the need for costly orthodontia.

Dental Implants in Indianapolis

If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits of dental implants in Indianapolis, IN, call Indiana Emergency Dental today. We’re happy to schedule a consultation and exam to determine whether implants are the right choice for you.