Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Should Know

An impacted or infected wisdom tooth can be more than an annoyance; it can be downright debilitating to your health. This is not a case of suffering through the pain until it recedes because you may be dealing with a life-threatening problem. If you think you might be having an emergency, learn more about when to call a specialist immediately.

When You Shouldn’t Wait 

We’ll start with the most extreme scenario so you know the stakes. While uncommon, an abscessedwisdom tooth in Indianapolis, IN, can result in death. This is because infection doesn’t always simply stay within your mouth, it can travel to other vital organs and shut them down.

It’s important to understand that abscesses are usually slow to move, meaning you’re unlikely to face life-threatening complications. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action as quickly as possible. If you’re feeling intense pain/swelling, have a high fever, or see pus forming around the wisdom teeth, this is a time to call the dentist. Other signs of an emergency include fractured or broken wisdom teeth (even if you’re not in pain), as these can negatively impact the surrounding teeth and gums.

How to Find the Best Emergency Dentist in Indianapolis, IN

Anemergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN, will evaluate the situation before determining whether to extract. While it can be difficult to make the call, you should know that extractions are a routine service for all dentists, and they tend to be far less eventful than people realize. Emergency wisdom teeth removal has nothing to do with whether you can tough it through. If you’re looking for a reputable, professional team to take care of the problem, contact Indiana Emergency Dental today.

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