Extractions 101: Common Patient Questions

Learning you need a tooth extraction in Indianapolis, IN, can be a little scary, and you will have questions. Look at a few of the most common things patients want about tooth extractions.

How Do You Know a Tooth Needs to Be Extracted?

Tooth extractions are reserved for only the direst situations. In most cases, the dentist will do all they can to preserve the natural tooth. However, there are situations when pulling the tooth is best for a patient’s oral health. A tooth may be extracted when it has extensively decayed or damaged, there is significant underlying bone loss, or it is crowding other teeth.

How Bad Does an Extraction Hurt?

With the right dentist, tooth extraction can be a painless experience. The dentist will use local anesthetic to desensitize all the nerves surrounding the tooth so you don’t feel anything during the procedure. You may have some tenderness after the procedure, but this is minimal and can be remedied with over-the-counter pain medicine.

How Long Does It Take for the Extraction Site to Heal?

The time it takes for the extraction site to heal does vary by patient. The extraction site will close up within a few days with a clotted collection of red blood cells, and then the healing process begins. Generally, the site will mostly heal within a few weeks, but the tissue can still be a bit delicate.

Discuss Tooth Extraction with an Indianapolis Dentist

While having a tooth pulled is not usually something a patient looks forward to, working with a skilled dentist in Indianapolis, IN, can make all the difference. At Indiana Emergency Dental, we go to great lengths to keep patients comfortable the entire time. Reach out to schedule an appointment if you have a problematic tooth that needs to be extracted.

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