Is IV Sedation More Effective?

IV sedation is an option at many dentists’ offices today. This is offered not just because dental care can be anxiety-provoking for many people, but because the administration can make the procedure faster for everyone to get through. This not only helps the appointment go by quicker, it can also mean less recovery time. If you’re wondering if IV sedation is more effective than, say, oral sedation or nitrous oxide(laughing gas), we’ll look at what you should know.

Direct Administration

IV sedation in Indianapolis, IN delivers medication directly into the bloodstream, which means that it takes effect faster and tends to be more consistent than other types of medication. It’s typically best for moderate to deep sedation, meaning that it’s not necessarily to put you to sleep. You can work with a dentist to determine the exact dosage that you want, so you’re comfortable with both the IV sedation procedure and whatever procedure is set to follow.

When Do I Need IV Sedation in Indianapolis, IN?

IV sedation is different for every patient, depending on what they’re getting done and what their relationship is with the dentist. Some people will only ask for it if they’re having a particularly involved procedure. Others will want it for even just a simple cleaning. It’s important not to avoid dental care, no matter how nervous you are at the dentist. IV sedation may be an extra step for many people, but it’s a step that can help them get the preventative care they need to maintain their oral health.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Indianapolis, IN that offers treatments that go above and beyond for their patients, the team at Indiana Emergency Dental offers everything you need — no matter how nerve-wracking your treatment plan looks to you.

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