How Dentures Have Improved Over Time

Today, there are more options than ever for replacing missing permanent teeth. While dental implants often take center stage, dentures are still a viable and attractive choice for people of all ages who need to restore their smile. Dentures today are very different than the dentures of your grandparents. Here are some of the ways that dentures have improved over time.

More Lifelike

In the past, it was fairly obvious that Grandpa was wearing dentures. The look of dentures in the olden days was fake enough that there was no way they could pass for genuine teeth. But now, the materials used and the manufacturing process have enabled dental labs to make dentures that are so lifelike it’s nearly impossible to tell that a person is wearing them. Modern dentures are typically crafted from acrylic resins or porcelain, offering a more natural appearance.

Greater Comfort

Modern technology, such as 3D digital impressions, has made it easier for your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, to provide dentures that fit like a glove. The dentures of today don’t slip and slide like older versions. And if your dentures ever do start to slip out of place when you’re eating or speaking, you can be sure that your dentist can easily fit you with a new set of dentures that are comfortable and make you feel confident about talking and eating in public.

Same-Day Dentures

In the past, patients had to wait for some time in order to get their dentures. But now, same-day dentures in Indianapolis, IN, are available. After a thorough evaluation and after obtaining the impression, the fabrication of the denture takes place right in the dentist’s office so that you can go home with a new set of dentures that same day!

Why not book an appointment right now to discuss your denture needs? We’re happy to answer all your questions about how dentures can resolve your problems with missing teeth!

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