A Look at the Most Common Myths About Dental Bridges

For patients missing a tooth, dental bridges in Indianapolis, IN, can be an excellent cosmetic option. While bridges are commonly installed and highly effective for smile restructuring, these dental fixtures are also plagued by a number of myths. Take a look at a few of the most common myths surrounding dental bridges below.

Myth: Bridges are uncomfortable.

One of the most prevalent myths about dental bridges is that dental bridges are uncomfortable or somehow painful to have. In reality, however, a well-designed and properly fitted dental bridge should not cause discomfort. Dentists take great care to ensure that bridges are comfortable to wear and adequately allow you to speak and chew without disruption. A short adjustment period to get used to the new sensation is to be expected, but discomfort should not be a persistent issue.

Myth: Bridges look unnatural.

With advancements in dental technology and materials, modern dental bridges can be incredibly natural-looking. Dentists work to match the color, shape, and size of the artificial tooth to your existing teeth. Therefore, the bridge blends seamlessly into your smile and is usually not discernible without close inspection.

Myth: Bridges tend to damage surrounding teeth.

When installed and maintained correctly, bridges do not harm the surrounding teeth. While these teeth have to be prepared to become supportive anchors for the new bridge, dentists ensure a precise fit and take steps to preserve the health and integrity of neighboring teeth. Further, good oral hygiene habits ensure that the surrounding teeth are not compromised when you have a bridge.

Discuss Dental Bridges with a Skilled Indianapolis Dentist

A qualified Indianapolis dentist can provide comprehensive information about the benefits, care, and expected comfort levels of dental bridges. To help you make the best decision about dental bridges, be sure to schedule an appointment with Indiana Emergency Dental.

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