What’s Nitrous Oxide? Do I Need It During My Dental Appointment?

If you have dental anxiety, your dentist may offer to provide sedation during your dental visit. Most dentists start by offering nitrous oxide, the mildest form of sedation. Nitrous oxide can be an important tool for dentists to help their patients stay comfortable during dental procedures.

As your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, we’re happy to provide you with information about nitrous oxide, so you can decide if this type of sedation dentistry is right for you.

1. What is nitrous oxide? How is it used in dentistry?

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas delivered to dental patients through a mask they wear throughout the procedure. During the procedure, the dentist monitors the dosage and adjusts it accordingly. Nitrous oxide is sometimes called “laughing gas” because patients who take it experience a feeling of euphoria.

2. What are the benefits of nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide has many benefits, including:

  • Takes effect quickly
  • Wears off fast
  • Patients who take nitrous oxide can drive themselves home after the procedure
  • Easy to administer, no needles required
  • Patient remains conscious during the procedure

3. Who needs nitrous oxide?

You may benefit from nitrous oxide if you have dental anxiety that prevents you from visiting the dentist or if you have anxiety that makes your visit to the dentist especially uncomfortable.

Your dentist will most likely suggest sedation dentistry in Indianapolis, IN if you’re a good candidate for it. However, if you have questions and think that you could benefit from using nitrous oxide during your dental appointment, call your dentist at Indiana Emergency Dental. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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