Why Are Root Canals Done?

When your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, tells you that you need a root canal, you may wonder how it came to this. A root canal is a serious dental procedure, but it’s also one that can help to save your tooth. While the news isn’t great, you should be thankful that your dentist was able to find the problem and has a way to treat it.

What is a Root Canal?

During a root canal, the infected pulp and nerve in the affected tooth’s root canal is removed. From there, the root canal is cleaned and shaped so that it can receive the replacement dental filling. The final step of a root canal is the placement of a crown atop the tooth. This helps to protect the tooth so it can be saved and have its function restored.

Why Are Root Canals Done?

Root canals may be necessary when a bacterial infection has migrated from the surface of a tooth and found its way into the root canal of the tooth. This infection will cause pain and inflammation. But the worst part is that it could lead to the loss of your permanent tooth unless a root canal is performed.

Are Root Canals Painful?

During a root canal, the area will be numbed, and a local anesthetic will be applied so you don’t feel any pain. You may feel a sensation of work being done, but it won’t be painful. However, some patients feel more comfortable with some sedation. If you feel you need this, tell your dentist at the time of your visit. At home, you may feel like you need to take a mild painkiller as the local anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will give you a set of full instructions as to how to treat any lingering discomfort.

Root canals sound bad, but in reality, they relieve pain, restore your tooth’s function, and help save your adult tooth. For help with root canals in Indianapolis, IN, contact us to book an appointment.

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