Why You Should Never Pull a Tooth at Home

There’s a dangerous myth about pulling teeth at home. Many people think it’s safe or even cute to pull out a loose tooth, either with a string and a swinging door or with another method. But pulling a tooth at home is a very bad idea for many reasons. Always visit your emergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN, if you have a situation where a tooth needs to be pulled. Here’s why:

A Tooth Has Many Parts

The part of the tooth that you can see is only a small portion. Like a vegetable with a long root, a tooth has a big, long root that must come out with it. You’ll be getting a lot more than you bargained for if you try to pull out a “little” tooth. The result will be a gaping hole that will bleed a lot more than you’re prepared for, too.

Risk of Bacterial Infection

That gaping hole is now prone to bacterial infection. When you get a tooth pulled by your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, the hole is packed with antibacterial material to keep it from becoming infected. At home, you have no idea what kinds of bacteria are going to make it into the hole left behind. The infection could conceivably enter your bloodstream through the hole, increasing the risks even further.

Parts May Remain

In the case of a damaged tooth; there may be remaining pieces that don’t come out when you try to pull the tooth at home. Those remaining pieces can cause all kinds of problems, including discomfort or pain. Eventually, you’ll need to visit the dentist to deal with the lost tooth, so why not just have the tooth extracted properly?

If you have a loose tooth that you feel needs to be removed, contact us today to book an appointment for a dental exam. We might be able to save the tooth. If not, at least you can have it extracted by a professional to safeguard your health.

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