The Impacted Truth: Dealing with Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Through the use of3D panoramic X-rays in Indianapolis, IN, dentists can see when a wisdom tooth is impacted. This is an important step if you suspect your wisdom teeth do not have room to grow and need to be extracted. However, many patients have questions about why wisdom teeth become impacted and what can happen as a result of the problem. Take a look at a few important things to know about dealing with impacted wisdom teeth below.

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Impaction

Wisdom teeth cause impaction because there is not enough space in the jawline for the teeth to grow upright or aligned. The teeth may be twisted, growing at an angle, or otherwise, which can put pressure on the surrounding teeth.

The Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Impaction

Wisdom tooth impaction can have almost undetectable symptoms in the early stages. For example, an individual may have periodic jaw pain without a viable explanation. Or, an individual may have gum soreness or inflammation around the teeth surrounding the wisdom tooth. As the issue progresses, other symptoms can emerge, such as:

  • Toothaches without signs of decay
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Consistent jaw pain

Potential Complications of Wisdom Tooth Impaction

Impacted wisdom teeth can be prone to decay, but they can also generate issues for the rest of the teeth. For example, if the wisdom tooth is allowed to grow in an awkward position, this can cause the rest of the teeth to crowd together, change the shape of the smile, and even heighten the risks of decay in the rest of the mouth.

Discuss Wisdom Teeth Issues with a Qualified Indianapolis Dentist 

While issues with wisdom teeth are easy to overlook for a while, impaction can become a serious threat to your overall oral health. Therefore, be sure to reach out to anIndianapolis dentist as soon as possible for advice. Contact the team at Indiana Emergency Dental to set up a consultation.

The Time-Saving Solution: Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

If you have a tooth that must be restored due to damage or decay,same-day crowns in Indianapolis, IN, are an excellent option. These crowns are made immediately in the office using advanced technology while you wait. Check out some of the perks of same-day crowns versus traditional dental crowns below.

Instant Transformation: The Unrivaled Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Few things feel more futuristic than walking into the dentist’s office and walking out shortly after with your tooth treated and fully restored. You only have to wait around half an hour to eat or drink, but the new crown will be fully functional and finished when you leave.

Effortless Efficiency: Embracing Same-Day Crown Excellence

For many years, obtaining a crown has been a multiple-appointment process that can lack efficiency. Patients have to take time out of their lives to plan for multiple appointments, and the office has to make room in the scheduling for the added appointments to complete the process. With the capacity to create a crown in the office, the patient only has to plan one visit to the dentist.

Streamlined Smiles: Why Same-Day Crowns Take the Lead in Dental Innovation

Same-day crowns are one of the latest possibilities in mode

rn dental treatment. The innovative procedure relies on the use of technology, in-office three-dimensional scans and specialized equipment. Therefore, dentists who offer same-day crowns are often considered leaders in their respective fields and highly preferred by patients.

Discuss Same-Day Crowns with an Indianapolis Dentist 

When you work with the rightIndianapolis dentistfor your same-day crown, you will walk away from a single appointment with your tooth and smile restored. If you are interested in learning more about the process, contact the Indiana Emergency Dental team.

Dispelling BIG Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Have you been told you need a root canal in Indianapolis, IN? While hearing the dentist say that a root canal is necessary to save a tooth can come as a little frightening to some, root canals are both highly effective and often not as major as the patient expects. Also, several myths mislead patients when it comes to root canals. Take a look at a few of the biggest myths and the actual truths every patient in need of a root canal should know.

Myth: Root canals are one of the most painful dental procedures.

Root canals are no more painful than a standard dental filling. The dentist uses all available measures to ensure you do not feel discomfort during the procedure. Some patients have mild sensitivity or soreness after the procedure, but nothing should induce unmanageable pain.

Myth: Root canals make you more prone to oral infections.

By contrast, getting a root canal can lower your risk of experiencing a dental infection. Leaving an ailing tooth untreated can lead to further deterioration of the tooth and the risk of harbored bacteria leading to a major infection.

Myth: Root canals don’t last long enough to be a worthy investment.

When done by a skilled, experienced dentist, root canals have the potential to last for a decade or even longer, especially when further restorative measures like a crown are also taken. Therefore, root canal treatment is a worthy investment in your smile for the long term.

Discuss Root Canal Treatment Concerns with a Skilled Indianapolis Dentist

If you have concerns about an impending root canal procedure, be sure to discuss your concerns with anIndianapolis dentist at length. Reach out to the team at Indiana Emergency Dental to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should Never Pull a Tooth at Home

There’s a dangerous myth about pulling teeth at home. Many people think it’s safe or even cute to pull out a loose tooth, either with a string and a swinging door or with another method. But pulling a tooth at home is a very bad idea for many reasons. Always visit your emergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN, if you have a situation where a tooth needs to be pulled. Here’s why:

A Tooth Has Many Parts

The part of the tooth that you can see is only a small portion. Like a vegetable with a long root, a tooth has a big, long root that must come out with it. You’ll be getting a lot more than you bargained for if you try to pull out a “little” tooth. The result will be a gaping hole that will bleed a lot more than you’re prepared for, too.

Risk of Bacterial Infection

That gaping hole is now prone to bacterial infection. When you get a tooth pulled by your dentist in Indianapolis, IN, the hole is packed with antibacterial material to keep it from becoming infected. At home, you have no idea what kinds of bacteria are going to make it into the hole left behind. The infection could conceivably enter your bloodstream through the hole, increasing the risks even further.

Parts May Remain

In the case of a damaged tooth; there may be remaining pieces that don’t come out when you try to pull the tooth at home. Those remaining pieces can cause all kinds of problems, including discomfort or pain. Eventually, you’ll need to visit the dentist to deal with the lost tooth, so why not just have the tooth extracted properly?

If you have a loose tooth that you feel needs to be removed, contact us today to book an appointment for a dental exam. We might be able to save the tooth. If not, at least you can have it extracted by a professional to safeguard your health.