Sedation Dentistry – Who Is the Best Candidate?

Many people feel uncomfortable about dental treatments. Sedation dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, involves providing various types of sedatives to make dental treatments more comfortable. Find out who is the best candidate for sedation dentistry below.

Adults with Severe Dental Anxiety

Roughly one-third of adult patients have anxiety about dental treatments, and some have fear so extreme that they often avoid dental treatment altogether. For example, a patient with severe decay or tooth pain may continue to suffer or allow their oral health to deteriorate due to their fear of treatment. Sedation dentistry provides these patients with a more comfortable way to receive the treatment they need.

Children with Fear of the Dentist

Children, especially very young children, often lack the emotional and cognitive ability to understand what is taking place when they visit a dentist for treatment. Therefore, when a child is especially anxious or afraid of receiving treatment, it can make the process more challenging. Therefore, some level of mild sedation, like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), may be recommended.

All Patients with Extensive Treatment Needs

Sometimes, IV sedation is necessary when a patient has extensive treatment needs or the treatment will take a long time. For example, if multiple teeth must be extracted or the teeth are broken below the gum line, it can be more comfortable for the patient to be sedated during treatment. Without sedation, the patient may have to be treated more than once with localized injections. Sedation is also common for more intensive procedures, such as wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Talk to an Indianapolis Dentist About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can help ensure patients get the treatment they need from an Indianapolis dentist. If you have questions about sedation dentistry, reach out to the team at Indiana Emergency Dental for insight.

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