Dispelling BIG Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Have you been told you need a root canal in Indianapolis, IN? While hearing the dentist say that a root canal is necessary to save a tooth can come as a little frightening to some, root canals are both highly effective and often not as major as the patient expects. Also, several myths mislead patients when it comes to root canals. Take a look at a few of the biggest myths and the actual truths every patient in need of a root canal should know.

Myth: Root canals are one of the most painful dental procedures.

Root canals are no more painful than a standard dental filling. The dentist uses all available measures to ensure you do not feel discomfort during the procedure. Some patients have mild sensitivity or soreness after the procedure, but nothing should induce unmanageable pain.

Myth: Root canals make you more prone to oral infections.

By contrast, getting a root canal can lower your risk of experiencing a dental infection. Leaving an ailing tooth untreated can lead to further deterioration of the tooth and the risk of harbored bacteria leading to a major infection.

Myth: Root canals don’t last long enough to be a worthy investment.

When done by a skilled, experienced dentist, root canals have the potential to last for a decade or even longer, especially when further restorative measures like a crown are also taken. Therefore, root canal treatment is a worthy investment in your smile for the long term.

Discuss Root Canal Treatment Concerns with a Skilled Indianapolis Dentist

If you have concerns about an impending root canal procedure, be sure to discuss your concerns with anIndianapolis dentist at length. Reach out to the team at Indiana Emergency Dental to schedule an appointment.

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